The World Is A Mess, You Need Not Be

Anywhere you look there is chaos, some that we created and some that nature created for us. 2020 hasn’t been good to us with every mess it brought along. At home, there is CAA that has brought the worst nightmare ever. People are dying, houses are burning, children are lost. The Australians are battling the bushfires, while Nashville was hit by a Tornado. Don’t even get me started on the middle-east with Syria continuing to witness the worst crisis. And of course, the worst nightmare of it all, Coronavirus, which has successfully killed thousands and infected lakhs of people all over the world. The deadly virus shook China and has now spread its wings to South Korea, Iran, Italy and so. 

In amidst all this doom and gloom, it’s hard to have happy thoughts. It’s hard to be optimistic and hope seems far-far away. People are confused, scared, and don’t know which bad news they will wake up to. There is thus no better time than now to take care of yourself and your loved ones, to create an atmosphere where you can feel safe and secure. It’s time to ask yourself hard questions. It’s time to reevaluate and ask what you believe in, and what can you do to strengthen that belief. You need to protect that belief, and you need to act to reestablish hope and faith.

Protect Yourself

So here’s a question for you, follow this flowchart and ask yourself where do you fall in this and what can you do more to keep yourself sorted.

If all this bothers you, then it is a good thing. It should. You should question all the bad things around you, you can’t ignore it. You want to do something but you feel helpless? You shouldn’t. If you do, and there is a feeling of depression creeping up, then it is time to talk. Talk with your friends, be open, seek professional help, if required. Keep your mental health in check, it should always be your priority. It is okay to ask for help, and it is essential to talk to your loved ones. If you are okay, then you can help others be okay too. If you are mentally ready to take on this mess of things we have created, then start by initiating a dialogue. Ask people to talk, give their opinions, and try to be persuasive. 

Talk facts and not things that we have been told to believe in. Take facts from reliable sources and not anything on the Internet. Spread those facts around, try to make people aware of what’s going around them. Try to get them to participate.

It Matters

And if you are not bothered with all this going around you, well then, Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? Read any news, and you would find just how much trouble we really are in. Climate is shifting rapidly, there is a deadly epidemic which has already claimed thousands of lives and is nowhere near contained, political scandals have taken a violent turn, wars are waging, natural disasters are at an all-time high. Use this device you are reading this article on, and educate yourself about today. Start asking the right questions, and you will get answers which are guaranteed to bother you. 

Image by Ildigo from Pixabay

Feeling detached or feeling that this mess has nothing to do with you is probably the worst situation you could be in. This might not be a mess you created but by not doing everything in your power to clean it up, you are becoming a part of the problem. No one is going to come to save our asses, there is no Ironman in reality who will fight the bad guys, there are no alternative planets yet that we can borrow resources from, there is not yet an alternative to air and water that will keep us alive. And there is for sure no alternative to houses that we live in and the countries we call home.

Taking responsibility, calling out others and yourself at the right time, and raising your voice is a necessity. Until we have our own superhero, we need to step up and take charge and also ensure that we take care of ourselves. Not by sitting at home hoping someone will fight this fight for us but by going that extra mile. 

Keep talking and stay safe!

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