Burn It All

Burn it all like it is yours,
Burn it before them,
It’s mine but who cares,
Humanity was a huge ask I know,
But what kept me going was hope.
Hope that I can make it better,
Alas, there is nothing but ashes,
Blacker than coal, hotter than sun.

Burn it all before I come,
And question what you have done,
Was it because I wasn’t worthy,
Or was it because they hurt your pride,
Ideas and diplomacy are better on paper,
For we know nothing but to light fire in real.

You didn’t listen when I was shouting in your conscience,
You didn’t care when I was begging in your dreams,
You burnt it all and now there is nothing left,
Kudos on a job well done
For I lost a life that has not even begun!

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